Grussadresse aus Florenz an Stuttgart und Notre Dame des Landes

Dear friends in Stuttgart,
from Florence we wish the best success for your demonstration of Monday 15; it will be the 400th time you march in the streets of your town to say NO to a stupid mega project.
We in Florence have similar problems with the project of two tunnels and an underground station. La last decisions of Italian railways are that only few trains will stop in that station (about 20 a day!), but the works don’t stop. They want to spend billions of euros and damage our beloved town only to guarantee profits to the builder!
Next Monday
we will be with you with our thoughts; your fight is our fight.

We want also give solidarity to the friends of Notre Dame de Landes; we have seen that you are going to have heavy repression in your resistance:
Also in Florence there is a fight against a new airport they want to build 5 km from the city centre; we, no tav, are always in contact with the groups that are fighting against this new mega project.
Your resistance is an important piece of the future we are building.
Best wishes from Florence and an embrace to you all
Committe No Tunnel TAV Florence

Forum Stop UIMP-GOII-GPII“ group.