Ankündigung (auf Englisch) einer italienischen Fernsehsendung des investigativen Journalismus über die Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)


hi everyone,

next Monday, November 21., on the Italian national TV „Rai 3“ a 1 hour programme of investigative journalism called „Report“ will be dedicated to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline – a massive useless and imposed mega-project to transport gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, crossing Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania and Italy.

Resistance to the project is widespread, including with heavy repression. The story starts from the bribery case involving Italian MP Volontè, who is under investigation for taking a 2,83 million euro bribe in order to guarantee the rejection of the Straesser report on Human rights prisoners in Azerbaijan at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in January 2013.

TAP involves countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan who are dictatorships,and is however a „project of Common interest“ candidate to receive important EU financing, with headquarter in Switzerland and using complex company structure and tax heavens, increasing the doubts on what are the real interests behind its construction.

 This is an anticipation (in Italian) – normally a few days after the show, a full script in English is made available.

Best wishes,

Elena Gerebizza, Rome