Spendenaufruf aus Rosia Montana


Brief von unseren Freunden aus Rümänien:


Dear friends,
The initiative we want to develop is called Trai cu Rost (a Meaningful Living) and aims to bring again together the community, now when the mining project has no chance to start, and find together ways through which tourism can support the development of the area and ensure a clean and sustainable future for everybody. It’s the best moment to think about this, as the company backed out from all the court cases in Romania, the urbanistic plans through which the area was declared  monoindustrial were canceled in court and Rosia Montana was listed on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage.

After many months of preparation (community meetings, planning, filming) the crowdfunding campaign for the Trai cu Rost project is online (an integrated rural tourism project for Rosia Montana – Corna – Bucium area).

If you are pasionate about biking, trekking and other mountain related activities, if you want a good quality integrated tourism and a green future for the Apuseni Mountains, if you wish to support community initiatives and ideas, make a donation for Trai cu Rost!
We need your support in making the initiative known in your networks in order to get the funding for making the first steps on this road. Thank you!
You can also support us by sharing our campaign’s link on social networks and our message to your friends.

Follow the evolution of our initiative on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TraiCuRost and website http://traicurost.ro

Thank you so much for your trust and support,
Trai cu Rost Team